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What Is Mediation? How Can It Help Me?

Divorce Attorney in Carroll County

Many couples choose to engage in the process of mediation, or alternative dispute resolution, rather than take their divorce to court for a decision. This can be a workable alternative, and allows both parties to negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement with the assistance of a mediator. The process involves the help of a mediator, who is skilled in assisting to resolve all the issues in a divorce, including:

‚ÄčThe process allows the parties to come to a compromise on the issues that are currently in dispute. A Carroll County mediation lawyer well-acquainted with family law issues can represent you throughout your case.

Mediation: An Alternative to Litigation

The mediation takes place in a meeting with each party with their attorneys present. The meetings generally last for several hours, and can be held at the law offices of the attorneys or in a private office at the family law courthouse. The purpose of the mediation is that the parties come to a compromise and resolve the issues in contention and avoid litigation. When an agreement is reached, the attorneys representing each party draft the agreement and submit it to the court for final approval. This is an alternative that can be engaged upon when the two parties in a marriage cannot come to an agreement without professional help. There is an agreement to work together and pursue a resolution, and that no legal actions will be filed until the process is concluded.

Searching for a mediation lawyer in Rockingham County, NH?

In order for mediation to work, both parties must be engaged in the process and must be willing to have it work. There are cases in which one party absolutely refuses to compromise, makes unreasonable demands, or other issue that will result in litigation. The skill of your attorney is a crucial aspect of this process.

If you are in need of an attorney for mediation in Carroll or Rockingham County, we encourage you to contact our firm. Our 30+ years in practice and our long history of success will serve you well if you are considering engaging in mediation.

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