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Click here to learn why mediation could work for you. Read our firm profile to learn more about us and how we can help. We have been helping families during their time of need for over 60 years.

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Planning to divorce in New Hampshire?

If you are considering a divorce, it is important to get your personal situation evaluated by a legal professional before you take any action. You need a legal advocate who will protect your best interests and who is highly knowledgeable in divorce and family law. At Kalled Law Offices, PLLC, we have been representing clients in family law and divorce mattes for over 30 years, and we can advise you about what to expect with regard to custody, support and property division under the New Hampshire Statutes on Domestic Relations. When a case is decided in court, there are certain formulas used that will impact the outcome of a litigated divorce. You may be better served by coming to a settlement outside of court. We can negotiate for your interests with the opposing attorney and try to get these issues resolved so that you avoid the stress and costs of a trial.

Our family law firm provides highly personalized services and legal representation for our clients and we can professionally address all the challenging issues, including child custody and support. We understand the impact that these decisions will have on your life and the future of your children, and we work hard to help you accomplish your specific goals for your divorce or mediation. Our firm has extensive experience in the practice of family law, and we have been the honored recipient of the President's Award from the New Hampshire Bar Association for our distinguished service on the New Hampshire Bar Association Special Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure.

Whatever situation you may find yourself in, you can count on our dedicated legal team for the help you need at this crucial time. A practiced attorney will fight tirelessly to protect your marital property rights throughout the divorce, and we will also help you to pursue the child support you need to care for your children. In some cases, the other party in the divorce could have made attempts to hide or transfer certain assets. We have access to respected experts, including forensic accountants that can carefully review all of the financial details to clarify complex financial matters so that your rights with regard to property, bank accounts, stock accounts and other assets are protected.

Quality Legal Representation for Family Law Cases

If you are seeking a legal separation, our legal team can help you draft a legal separation agreement that protects your rights and your best interests, and reflects your actual needs with regard to support, child custody and visitation, as well as responsibility for debt. Without knowledgeable legal representation, the situation can become very troubling and you could face unnecessary losses and difficulties. Our legal team has been honorably rated by Martindale-Hubbell® for our outstanding work ethics and legal accomplishments, and we continue to provide this high-quality of legal counsel and representation for clients in Rochester, Portsmouth, Salem and throughout New Hampshire. We draw upon a wealth of resources and our extensive legal skill to professionally present your case to the court in any family law matter. Our extensive knowledge of state law has proven to be of significant benefit to our clients in getting the critical issues resolved equitably.

In many cases, mediation can lead to a much better resolution in all the important issues, as both parties are engaged in the process, and the final decisions reflect the real issues of your family. The court has little choice other than to make a decision based upon state law, and when you choose alternative dispute resolution to resolve these matters, the decisions are often better, and create fewer problems in the future.

This is not always possible, and when litigation is necessary, we have the trial skills and professionalism to present a well-crafted case to the court on your behalf. We serve members of the Air Force or other part of the Armed Services in military divorce as well. If you need help with the issues involved in establishing paternity, you can rest assured that your legal matter is in the right hands when you choose to work with the lawyers at Kalled Law Offices, PLLC. We genuinely care about you and your future, so call today.

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