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Protecting Your Best Interests for Over 32 Years

The attorneys at Kalled Law Offices, PLLC have over 32 years of family law practice, serving those who are in need of mediation, legal separation or divorce assistance. At our firm, we have attorneys who are members of the bars at Federal, U.S. Supreme and Appeals Courts levels along with our memberships in the New Hampshire and District of Columbia bars. Our lead attorney has been a member of the Board of Governors of the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association and is honorably rated by Martindale-Hubbell. We know that your divorce and related matters are vitally important to you and your family. We want you to have certainty and peace of mind that when you retain an accomplished Wolfeboro divorce attorney from our firm, you are getting someone who has knowledge and hard-won experience in all areas of concern to you.

High Quality Legal Representation: Over 30 Years' Experience in Court

Our reputation is founded in the high-quality work we do and our commitment to the people we help. Divorce can be simple or complex, friendly or hotly contested. You need an attorney who has been through it all before and knows how to see that your best interests are protected, no matter the unique facets of your situation.

While each couple's situation is different, and we resolve them as such, there are general matters in any divorce or separation that you need to know about. The court will insist that child custody and parenting issues, child support, marital property rights, spousal support and related situations are taken care of as provided for in the law. You will want to know the ramifications of each of the issues along with what your legal options are so that you can make a wise and informed decision. This is where a knowledgeable attorney begins to help.

Child Custody and Support, Marital Property and Other Divorce Concerns

50% of the population in Wolfeboro consists of married couple with families and when divorce arises there is frequently a need to resolve child custody matters in our courts. Their first concern is the well-being of your children. Whether you wish sole or joint custody, the negotiations that we do and our communications to the court must all demonstrate that the best interests of your children are being attended to. When you and your spouse cannot readily reach an agreement on child custody, a skilled lawyer becomes a necessity so that your side of the argument can be persuasively presented.

New Hampshire is an "equitable distribution" state as it relates to the division of marital property. This term means that the splitting of assets will be done in accordance with the law and how it is interpreted by the court, not necessarily one half going to you and the other to your spouse. All of your marital assets need to be located and correctly evaluated as to their worth. We have both the knowledge and experience to do a complete valuation and can help you and your spouse agree to its proper division. When agreement is not possible, aggressive actions may be required so that a fair distribution of assets is accomplished.

Individual and Personal Legal Representation for Divorce and Family Law

In some cases, child support can be one of the most difficult and emotional issues to resolve and we want you to have a legal team that you can rely on. The court makes its final decision on child support by reviewing each parent's income, what the standard of living was for the children while the marriage existed, the parental rights of each parent, and which of you was most engaged in raising your children. Your side of the story needs to be told and your rights protected.

For some, spousal support will be a critical issue in their divorce proceedings. The factors involved are how long the marriage lasted, the current income of both parties and their contributions to the marriage. You may be entitled to spousal support and sorely in need of this income but this could be challenged in court. Conversely, you could be asked to provide spousal support at an unfair level. We are here to protect your rights and fight for your interests.

With many divorces, there are additional factors that require skilled legal representation. If one parent is considering relocation based on employment opportunities or for other reasons, it can impact child custody and support and other situations in your divorce. In some cases, paternity must be established so that responsibility for the care and welfare of children can be enforced, or you gain access to your child as is your right as a father. If you and/or your spouse are a member of the armed forces, the regulations pertaining to a military divorce need to be well understood, and our firm is very qualified to provide counsel for members of the Armed Forces in the Wolfeboro area.

After your divorce or separation is concluded, you are going to want get on with your life in the most positive manner possible. By having an experienced firm considering your future throughout the entire divorce process, you greatly improve your chances of a fair resolution to all the matters involved in your divorce.

Don't go into divorce unprepared. Contact a Wolfeboro divorce lawyer from our offices so that your best interests are professionally represented throughout all proceedings.

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